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Thursday, January 06, 2005

'Welcum to Neeglan'

{Pic from Randi Art]

It's the local version of 'Hi' or 'Howdy' during the stormier days of winter -- like today.

People in New England are sometimes known for their 'don't speak unless spoken to' attitude, especially toward strangers (which is just about anyone you haven't seen each day of your life for the past several years). Yes, there might be a nod in your direction when you meet on the street, perhaps even a smile -- but generally New Englanders are not a gregarious, back-slapping, how-ya-doin' sort of folk.... Except in the midst of a storm, when total strangers will suddenly blurt out 'Welcum to Neeglan' as you pass them (or attempt to) in the street or parking lot with snow swirling about. I suspect it is a friendly gesture, acknowledging a common bond through suffering the whims of the weather.

PS: about 3-4 inches of slick stuff on the ground -- coming down pretty steady -- hea
ding to 8 inches they say....
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