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Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Belfast! (Well, almost...)

8AM: It's snowing in Belfast, and for that matter in most of Northern Ireland and in many parts of England and Scotland. I'm not just talking about the usual thin layer of slushy stuff that most people think of snow here, but real snowfall -- the kind we are all too used to in Massachusetts this year. The snowfall is light and sticking, and the flakes are of a moderate size indicating relatively low moisture content. Despite the dangers of walking on streets alongside drivers who don't quite understand how to compensate for these conditions, I'm actually looking forward to a pleasant trek to the office.

Although the Met (short for Meteorological Services, I suspect) is not predicting anything significant, this is the kind of event that actually gets folks talking about the weather. I've commented in previous posts about the nature of 3-D weather (dark, dreary, and dismal) in this region, and typically, short of extreme conditions, people rarely bring up the topic. I'm the one who usually initiates discussions about what's going on outside our office windows. What is truly interesting about Belfast weather is how radically it shifts from hour to hour. And coming from an area that is geographically located to the south of Belfast, I'm amazed at how generally moderate and seasonably stable the temperature ranges are.

But the snowfall like this, even though it is quite moderate and actually pleasant, will generate all sorts of conversation today. There will also be lots of picture taking, especially among foreign students from climates that rarely see the snow. Heck, if it continues like this for a sustained period, even I'll be out there taking snapshots....

11AM: Looked outside to find that it was all over...:-{

And the temperature has gone up well above freezing, and so there isn't much to look at.

Oh, well, maybe it will happen again... almost.

1230: OK, went to local coffee shop to read the paper and have a cup, and looking up I noticed bright sunshine -- and when I walked out it was actually quite comfortable, temperature wise. You could already see folks thiinking about taking off a layer or two of their winter outerwear -- perhaps even wnadering around with sweaters...

530: back in the office, having just come from another outing -- and now we are talking 3D weather....and cold too...

Remind me never to attempt a blog on Belfast weather again....
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