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Friday, May 06, 2005

Items: Criminalized, Medicalized and Localized Accountability...

OK, here's a few items generated by the Google News Alert function and other random searches:

First, two teens in Billings, Montana have been charged with the crimes of 'attempted deliberate homicide by accountability and robbery by accountability'. Does anyone out there know what this means exactly?

Second, move over 'attention deficit disorder' -- you have some competition for the ADD acronym.... there is a new angle on accountability from the editorial pages of an online publication published in the Tampa Bay area....

Third, of local interest here is the fuss over a delayed report about the doings of the University of Ulster vice-chancellor (the de facto leader of the institution -- the chancellor is typically an honorary position). It is one of those stories that spreads by rumors and leaks to the press. In this case Professor Gerry McKenna is being investigated on the basis of several complaints that seem related to personal (marital) issues that have impacted on his decisions. Ah, accountbility at work....

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