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Friday, July 01, 2005

Worlds of the wars...

Took a bit of a break today to go to the movies. Headed out the door to see "Cinderella Man," but ended up at the last minute opting for Spielberg's "War of the Worlds." After reading a review or two, I was more curious than anything else, and my expectations were low. But overall not a bad flick if you don't let your own incredulousness about the details get in the way....

One notable part of the experience, however, came during the 'Coming Attractions' when it became evident that Hollywood is on a major sci fi binge. With one exception, each of the half dozen or so movie trailers shown were of that genre. At first I thought this was intentional -- after all, what do you try to sell to folks who came to see aliens destroying the world than more movies of that sort. But then I noticed that all the posters and adverts in the lobby -- and overwhelmingly they reflected the same types of movies.

This may all be a result of 9/11 as Hollywood thinks that Americans will be most attracted to movies populated with superheroes or in which were are engaged in wars against alien invaders. Perhaps.

To make things worse, the alternatives are few and far between at the moment. We will probably make it to 'Cinderella Man' this weekend, but beyond that and a movie titled 'Crash', there isn't much that seems worth sitting through....

I now regret having passed up the opportunity to see some of the more interesting movies that were shoiwng in Belfast over the last few weeks of my stay there....

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