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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Falling for them Chicks....

A year ago I could not tell you who the "Dixie Chicks" were (was?) or what they sang. Maybe it was because I was in Belfast preoccupied with trying to figure out what folks were saying to me rather than listening to unfamiliar music.

On one visit back to the US I picked up an iPod and someone (my son, I think) suggested listening to them, but with the exception of one or two tunes on Home, their then-most-recent-album (Long Time Gone and Landslide), most of it was pretty innocuous for me.

I also recall something of the controversy stirred by a comment about George Bush linked to one of the Dixie Chicks, but again I paid little attention (the comment, as it turned out, was made while they were in the UK, but that is probably one reason it was no big deal on the news I was watching -- it was pretty commonplace to hear negative comments about Dubya in the UK media....)

But now along they come with a new album, and after reading a bit more about the ongoing controversy in the New York Times and their gutsy refusal to back down or "move on", I gave it a listen. And I have to admit I was impressed enough to download the entire album and have been listening to it with more care than usual -- some interesting lyrics.... There are a couple of songs directly linked to The Controversy, but what comes through most clearly is that one, two or all three are asserting their break with the past in various ways.

Give it a listen. If the Eagles didn't do it for oyu, this may even make you into a fan of country music....

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