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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another podcast suggestion....

Still another podcast suggestion....

As noted previously, the CBC has launched a major podcasting site offering the "best of" several of its shows. I have been catching up with the downloads from past weeks, and among the best of the best thus far has been the first three parts of a five part series on the life and work of Karl Polanyi. The series was part of the offerings on "Ideas", a CBC Radio One show that airs Monday through Thursday evenings. The Polanyi series, titled "Markets and Society" was originally aired last year and is now being offered as a "Best of Ideas" download each Monday through July and through August 1. (You can get the downloads as mp3 files -- at least for now -- here.)

I recall (vaguely) reading The Great Transformation decades ago (more on that point tomorrow...), and this series is tempting me to revisit the work. Putting that work in its historical/biographical context will made the re-read all the more interesting.

In looking up the other shows broadcast on Ideas, I see that I am missing a great deal by getting only this "best of" taste - the program listings for past and current, including one that focuses on Jane Jacobs, looks terrific. At the moment the only access besides the limited padcast offerings is through CDs or transcripts (both involving purchses) or trying to listen online.

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Comments on "Another podcast suggestion...."


Anonymous cabachand said ... (10:11 AM) : 

Like you I'm a big fan of Ideas. It's part of my life since I can remember (my parents were big radio listeners in there time). Like you, I'm really happy that CBC has decided to create a podcast of the "Best of". But, its' really a shame that we can't have access to all there great work (especially considering that it's sometime hard to listen to these show at their broadcasting hours). CBC really needs to make this (after all) public service paid by the people more largely available. I’m also thinking of the great shows such as “As it Happens” and “The Current”. Still the podcast of the “Best of” is a step in the right direction and really fin to listen to.


Blogger Mel said ... (10:50 AM) : 

Thanks Cabachand --

I sent a positive feedback note at the podcast site about As It Happens the other day, and suggested they offer an upload of the show each day. They responded and implied that they have been talking about that, so perhaps it will happen. I am going to write another about the Ideas shows -- maybe that will help move them along.

It could be they need a policy like Melvynn Bragg's BBC "In Our Time" show which is also worth listening to. They keep their podcast up for a week and I believe are now allowing access to mp3 versions much longer.... Great stuff!


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