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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Simulated jet lag...

Had all things gone well this week, I would now be getting over my jet lag in warm and summery Canberra (I know, it is obvious that I am having a hard time letting go of this missed opportunity). I am making up for it by being a lump today.

Actually, feeling a bit "under the weather" (translate as lethargic) despite it being a reasonably sunny and pleasant day here in the North Shore area. The lost hour of sleep due to daylight savings time was not hard to take, although it did seem to have an impact on our cable company -- all three services (TV, phone and internet) were down through mid-morning, even though the signal coming in to all three was strong. Whatever it was, it is gone now and the services are (obviously) back.

About mid-day Randi seem to decide that she was tired of my lounging about (snoring actually) and we headed out to a 4:10 movie (Amazing Grace -- well done!). When we got home at around 6:30, the payoff from daylight savings was evident -- it was actually quite nice to be walking in daylight at this hour. So enough of the media hyped grumbling....

My grounded condition also gave me the opportunity to explore some blog sites I have not visited recently, and among the most enjoyable was old friend (actually, he is not so old) McGrathy's posting on Buho the elf who was caught in an attempted robbery of a lingerie store -- well worth the read!

I will attempt to get into gear again tomorrow -- I should be over my simulated jet lag by then...

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