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Sunday, April 01, 2007

NI blogging....

According to the little sidebar listing on the site, my first posting was on November 13, 2004. At the time I was situated in Northern Ireland and decided it was time to see what this blogging thing was about. At one point I was posting regularly enough to generate a regular readership, but I let it slip and now only get a handful (according to Statcounter) -- and many of those by random selection process. If you are reading this, you are indeed in select company.....

I bring this up because BBC Radio Ulster broadcast a half-hour documentary on blogging in Northern Ireland yesterday (it was rebroadcast today, but not as an April Fool's hoax). It was especially good to hear the voice of Mick Fealty who oversees the Slugger O'Toole blog which has proven to be one of the truly useful sites on the Web if you're interested in what is happening in Belfast and Northern Ireland politics. Mick was beginning to play a major role in the political news mix by 2005 and it was great to have him around the Institute of Governance as they part time fellow.

Other blogs are highlighted as well, including one called "Letter to America" by Jett Loe (great Flickr spot) which started in September 2005 and operates under the theme (if I caught it right) "we live here so you don't have to...".

But it is Mick's comments that makes this worth a listen.....

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