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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Campus life the day after Virginia Tech....

If you want to get a sense of what things are like "the day after" the Virginia Tech murders, consider the following series of emails I received as an affiliate of another major state university....


9:53 AM
TO: Students, Faculty, and Staff

Students, faculty and staff should stay in their buildings or dorms until further notice.

10:23 AM
TO: All Students, Faculty, and Staff

The XX Police Department has made a saturated search of the area where a person carrying a suspicious object was spotted. No person with a weapon has been found. It is now believed that the person was possibly carrying a yoga mat which was mistaken for a weapon.. We should therefore proceed with the normal schedule. The individual carrying the items was described as a caucasian male of student age partially balding or with short hair and wearing a yellow shirt. If such a person is seen carrying a suspicious object it should be reported to the XX Police Department at 1911 or xxx-1717 or blue phones should be used. If anyone feels that he may have been the person who was seen and was thought to be carrying a weapon that person should also call the XX Policy Department to reassure the community.

Thank you for your cooperation
12:09 PM
TO: All Student, Faculty, and Staff

The person apparently seen by the student making the earlier report has self-identified himself. He was carrying an umbrella and not a weapon. We appreciate his action in identifying himself. We now consider the matter closed. I appreciate the cooperation from the university community in this matter. We always want to err on the side of caution in a situation like this.


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