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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snowy Day

From Randi Art.

Randi captured our initial view of the world outside this AM. The windows were too frosted to see what has taken place overnight.

They have labelled it one of the top five blizzards in Boston weather reporting history, and locally (in Beverly area, just south of Cape Ann) it probably was worse than that (as it was along Cape Cod to the east and south of Boston). It was (and still is) a challenge. I suspect that the official snowfall in Beverly of 36+ inches was understated. It was at least a consistent three to four feet deep in both my front and back yards -- and deeper in the area where drifts accumlated.

I spent most of my morning just digging a narrow path to the driveway. A crashed computer meant I have to get to the local computer shop for a "data dump" before leaving for Belfast on Tuesday. With a little help from a friend or two, I finally made it on the road -- and faced spooky "white out" driving conditions for an hour. (Made even more spooky by the fact that I was the only non-ploughing,non-fourwheel vehicle on the road).

Got to the store (one of those huge electronics stores) where it was me and a skeleton crew that was doing little else other than watching others clear the huge and empty parking lot. The tech guy and I chatted and I left the computer in his hands for the day. Went home and slept off the morning activity, and got a call that the computer will be ready on Monday. In the meantime I watched the Patriots beat the Steelers (American football for my UK friends). Now with blog done, it is time to curl up with the Sunday New York Times (which had to be rescued from the front "lawn").
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