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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Debunkity bunk.....

Watched a wonderful piece of 'debunking' TV the other night -- The Real DaVinci Code on UK's Channel 4 was a terrific reaffirmation of sanity in the world of popular culture that thrives on myth and conspiracies....

Awhile back I gave into curiosity sparked by the enthusiasm of at least two members of my immediate family for Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code and read the book -- only to be extremely disappointed by both the quality of the work and the fact that very intelligent people find the 'storyline' minimally credible. On the first point, there is little to add beyond the comments I made in a post at (my comments are there somewhere...). On the second, however, I was frustrated by my inability to point to some source to counter the obvious claptrap found in the book -- that is, until viewing this Channel 4 documentary.

Hosted by Tony Robinson (who I understand to be a familiar figure on British TV), the show focuses on the five basic 'factual' premises of the Brown book and effectively debunks each, especially the 'Priory of Sion' which turns out to be rooted in a hoax traced to a 'surrealist prank' spawned in the 1950s by three French men 'with time on their hands and some spare cash.'

For me this is truly 'must see TV' -- and I hope it gets an airing on US TV soon!
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