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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Testimonials, post-static dyskinesia and dancing...

Yesterday was my last opportunity to engage in the weekly faculty football game, and thus the event was designated as my "testimonial". From what I gather, the testimonial game in soccer is played upon the retirement of a player, and while the tradition includes allowing the honoree to select the team to be fielded as well as a charity to benefit from the income earned at the gate, mine was a nice symbolic gesture by a group of good mates. The 2 pints I consumed afterwards at the local bar was sufficient celebration.

Not that I came away from the game without some new injury. Actually, it's an injury I developed over the past three weeks and has only gotten worse with each attempt to work it off through football. At some point over the past month I must have injured my heel, or did something to bring about what I now know to be the case of "plantar fasciitis" (heel pain) that oddly enough only hurts after long periods of sitting or resting. There is even a phrase for this: post-static dyskinesia (pain after rest). (Ain't google wonderful -- now I can use fancy words to tell someone that my heel hurts like hell!).

This is aggrevating enough for the first five or ten minutes as I start to stand up and walk, but then Randi tells me of her scheme to get me into ballroom dancing again upon my return to the US next week. It's kind of hard to use this injury as an excuse since the solution to the pain seems to be physical activity, especially walking and dancing....

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