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Monday, July 04, 2005

The Rove watch begins....

The news that Karl Rove is possibly one of the White House 'leakers' in the Valerie Plame case does not seem to be stirring things up as much as one might expect. It certainly has the juices flowing over at News Hound ("We watch Fox so you don't have to...") where the expectations are high, but restrained....

If Rove is indeed the source, this could have pretty significant implications for US politics (especially if you believe, as most of us do, that Rove is the sharpest political operator on the scene today -- although you would not know it given the current problems of the White House...). Besides being an indictable offense, the leaking in this case certainly shows Rove to be as vulnerable to the arrogance of power as anyone, and at the least it will lead to him recommending to Bush that the President accept his resignation -- at least as a strategic way around the problem. Rove is too savvy to allow himself to become the issue, and while he has recently been elevated to assistant chief of staff (or whatever), he is also smart enough to know that he can be just as functional without title or official portfolio....

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