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Sunday, November 20, 2005

There is accountability in them thar hills....

The gap between postings is widening, and a bit of guilt is starting to gnaw away at me. I am scheduled to give some talks "down under" over the next two weeks, and preparation for that has taken up all my spare time -- of which there is very little....

One accomplishment, however, has been to convince Randi to use her artistic skills and talents to make a visual for my powerpoint presentation which we having been talking about for months. In many of my lectures on accountability over the past few years, I have made reference to the "iconic" status of the word in politics and in the news. By way of outrageous example, I have been saying that the word "accountability" is close to achieving the status now held by the well known "Hollywood" that we are all familiar with.

Well, here it how it would look folks, courtesy of Randi's artistry and her magical software.... As you might note, I have adopted it as my blog "logo"!

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