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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Contorted airspace

It is 650 AM Sunday according to my body clock (which is set to EST US), 840 PM officially Pacific (Korea) time as I complete my journey to Seoul. I am typing this post in a “crunched” position with the laptop in a V-angle between my lap and the seatback in front of me. Very awkward, but I am so bored and tired after 18 hours of flight time (that doesn't count the delayed hour or three at various locations for a variety of reasons) that I am willing to engage in this contortionist'’s pursuit. I know that I'’ve lost a day when crossing international timeline somewhere along the way, but this is one case where I would not have minded really being unconscious for the entire time.

To make matters worse, a head cold is festering and I am miserable physically as well as mentally. Northwest is not a bad airline -- or perhaps not any better or worse than most. But I have to admit that I am surprised that the seating on international flights is no different than on domestic--– I somehow had the impression it would be otherwise, especially on these long haul routes where 747s are the most common aircraft. But that is not the case, and so many hours in a small seat sitting three or four abreast actually borders on torture.

I hear tell that is not the case with Qantas, which is the carrier I am using to Australia in a couple of weeks -- if I survive this trek.

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