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Monday, March 19, 2007

Infosnacking at Frontline...

I played portions of Part III of Frontline's News Wars series in both my Media and American Politics and American Government courses (in which the topic for the week is the media in politics).

Frontline does a terrific service with its posting of broadcast shows and extended interviews -- and the fact that each show is posted in 7 to 12 minute segments makes it even more convenient for those like me who want something short enough to integrate into class sessions.

The segments I played today included one featuring Ted Koppel at his forthright best bemoaning the demise of journalistic standards at the network news divisions. A bitter Dan Rather is also in the mix, along with Katie Couric, bloggers and all sorts of folks. And that was all found in just four segments....

The most interesting concept emerging from today's lesson: "infosnacking"....

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