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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moyers is back...

This past week Bill Moyers Journal came back on the air at PBS -- Moyers had been doing other things for a few years and so this was a return to format that had grown a bit stale by the time he dropped it in 1981 and went on to other projects (see here). He reentered the frey out of a sense of frustration with the political scene (he is an unapologetic big "L" Liberal from the 1960s) and has been inspired by the work of Democracy Now!, which in turn has been inspired by Moyers' own approach to journalism (also see here).

The first broadcast on the 25th was a special 90 minute critique of how the media bought into the Iraq war scenario, and among journalists it has already received a good deal of attention (e.g., here and here). It is a must see for anyone who seeks some signs of sanity in an otherwise deadened media environment.

In his first regularly scheduled broadcast two nights later, Moyers conducted a terrific interview with Jon Stewart -- which was even better than the original sit-down between the two that took place in 2003 on Now with Bill Moyers. Another segment on Josh Marshall and the blog that has become an active player in internet journalism.

Here's hoping Moyers will sustain this....

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Comments on "Moyers is back..."


Blogger Mel said ... (6:37 AM) : 

Received the following comment which claims to be from "mullah cimoc":

mullah cimoc say usa media not free. moyers him afraid for speak the true words most important of this subject:
in pashtu this word neocon (nikan)
meaning "israeli spy in white house and pentagon".
when not say these words him story one big lying.
google: mighty wurlitzer +cia

This silliness is the work of some less than politically (or intellectually) competent individual (I am being VERY KIND) who seems to be making similar comments on other blogs. For more on this "comic", see


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