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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Still on the road...still in Milwaukee

From MAM Site

Took a bit of time to look around Milwaukee with some colleagues after the last session of the conference I am attending. For a large city, Milwaukee is rather quiet -- suprisingly little traffic, and a moderate amount of pedestrians around. Yesterday's weather was hovering around 60 F, and folks were out jogging and just walking to enjoy the first days of spring here.

We headed down toward Lake Michigan to see the new Milwaukee Art Museum, and even though we did not get see the Degas exhibit there, the real attraction was the building itself. Really a fascinating design, and it is bound to make the Milwaukee lakefront a really desirable attraction for tourists. The collectins we did view -- primarily modern art -- were very interesting, and assuming my new phonecam was functioning correctly (and I am able to learn how to transfer the files), I will post some pics in future blogs....

Also stopped by to visit two used book stores -- floors and floors of books of every sort. I would comapre them favorably to Strands in NYC. One was well organized, well lit and very clean; the other was dusty and in disarray in places (although it was the larger of the two and I think had more interesting titles). In any case, bought a book or two while in each....

Ended the day with dinner at another German restaurant (Ratches?), and while the beer was great, I ordered a special that was very disappointing. My colleagues, however, ordered more wisely and the overall experience was enjoyable. But after three restaurant experiences here, I have to say the Gemrna places are too pricey for what you get.... No Entree less than $20....

Heading off to Chicago by Amtrak this morning (I am waiting for the rush hour to pass) and I plan to wander the area around the Water Tower today before dealing with buisness all day tomorrow....

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